Click here to reference our service  Terms & Conditions.

Click here to reference our service Terms & Conditions.

From the store right to your door.

Constantly need groceries but never have the time or means to go and get them? Don't have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables? With Munch, your problem is finally solved - let us do the hard work for you. Catch up on work or simply relax while we take this time consuming task off your to-do list. We'll buy everything on your list and bring it straight to you.

Note: Groceries can be anything sold at Harris Teeter, both food and non-food.

How it works: 

  1. Send us your grocery list by Saturday and we'll send you a price quote the same day (including 12.5% service fee and $5 delivery fee)
  2. Once you accept the price, we will Venmo request you
  3. Complete the Venmo request by Sunday morning at 10:00 AM*
  4. Enjoy your delivered groceries!

    *If any items are unavailable or you want to make a substitution, we will settle price discrepancies upon delivery.